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After tuning and racing championship winning Ford Cosworth BDA, BDG and YB variants for over 25 years, ten years ago we turned our attention to solely Subarus. In addition to building and tuning fast road cars we have also been racing our 400+ bhp cars for the past fifteen years.

Below is a brief summary of our progress and race wins over the past 15 years.

Our 440 Bhp 2.0 litre MY 95 WRX RA held the UK ¼ mile record for over two years running stock internals.
This car was the fastest Subaru at the prestigious Ten of the Best 2 event in 2003 (TOTB2) clocking a genuine 174mph on the 1.25 mile straight.
Throughout 2004 the Subaru record was held by our 556bhp STI 5 Type R at 10.52 seconds to 136 mph.
The Type R was the UK’s fastest Subaru at TOTB3 in 2004. Coming third overall on the performance scoreboard.
Scoobyshootout on the 22nd May 2005 seen our Type R take the fastest Subaru of the day title. On the 10th July at crail, this car set a new UK record of 10.2 second 1/4m and on the 17th july at Melbourne York, moved the goalposts a step further running 10.11 seconds.
A new world record for a manual gearbox Subaru was set at Crail on Aug 17th at with the Sti5 running 9.81 @ 147.5 mph.
Driven to and from the event, running on Optimax plus booster (no race fuel here !) This run was backed up by a 9.82 second run at Santa pod on the 3rd Sept 05 On the 19th Sept the car clocked a top speed of 199.4 MPH at Bruntingthorpe proving ground.
The car was driven 300 miles to the event and drove home again. A new world record was set on the 2nd of October 05.......... 210.2 MPH timed by Straightliners at Elvington airfield.
As far as we are aware this is the highest recorded top speed for an Impreza ANYWHERE !

For the 06 season the engine bay came in for some attention

Engine Bay
"God of the Pod" at Santa Pod raceway on the 14th May 06 was won by our Type R in it's latest lightweight trim, in the process a new PB was set at 9.77@150.5 mph.

The AFP V5 Type R

In Action at the Pod
Scooby shootout at Elvington on the 21st May 06 saw the record drop again with a 9.45@148mph on a damp track ! We believe this makes it the fastest accelerating 4cyl /4wd car in Europe.
At the Scooby shootout finals at Elvington on the 2nd of July we further reduced the times.. 9.39@154 mph, still no nitrous due to a faulty solenoid valve. The actual shootout final was run in the rain and on a set of std goodyear road tyres we still run a time of 10.2@156mph
At a Santa Pod test day on the 14th July the bar was moved higher again with a run at 9.30@159.86

TOTB 5 on the 30th July was host to the fastest road legal cars in the country. Our Sti 5 came 3rd overall in the multi discipline event. We also set the fastest 1/4 mile time of all the road legal cars taking 9.51 seconds to achieve a stunning 169mph!

At York Raceway on Sunday 27th Aug 06 A new European record for 4WD cars was set. 9.196 at 158.55 mph Every run on the day was in the 9 second bracket.

Elvington dragstrip on 10 Sept saw us run very consistantly once again with 4 runs recording over 163mph terminal speed and 6x low 9 second runs back to back. Just missing a new PB with a best run of 9.25 during which a boost hose burst and the run was aborted early !

The 2007 season continues with further wins and record breaking.

May 07 and our Impreza once again wins Scooby Shootout, for those that considered our car a 'drag' car, it came as a bit of a surprise to see us also take 2nd place on the handling circuit. The winner on the handling was the stunningly well prepared RCMS car. Our whole car cost about the same as their WRC suspension set up alone !!

June 07 and the 4cyl/4wd record is lowered once again with a run of 9.16 at 159mph at our first outing at Shakespeare raceway. All 10 runs on the day were in the 9's

July 07 THE MAIN EVENT ! Ten Of The Best 6 - Our car takes Fastest road car 1/4 mile of the day and winner of 4wd shootout against Norris Designs 900+bhp EVO, the only Subaru to make it to the semi finals ! The car ran faultless throughout the day, recording 8x 9 second passes.

We also recorded the same terminal speeds as the Pro Drag Skylines running on the day, suggesting we had the power just lacking traction.......... time for slicks ???

This car has been the fastest UK owned Subaru at TOTB 3, 4, 5 and 6. Our previous car was fastest at TOTB2, (we were not entered at TOTB1)

Aug 26th York Raceway - Testing a new turbo we run a personal best over the 1/8th mile of 5.9 at 128.05 mph, not many cars can get to 130 from a standstill in under 6 seconds !

Sept 23rd York Raceway - Track conditions limit traction, the new adhesive used on the tarmac is not as good as expected and we are spinning all 4 wheels right up to 130mph and way past half track distance......its a bit of a scary ride ! All runs in the low 9's but no record breakers.

Sept 30th Shakespeare raceway - Testing yet another new turbo and fuel set up (well someone has to !) Car is absolutely ballistic once it gets traction but the head gaskets struggle with the extreme pressure and the coolant is blown out the system. Easily fixed.........that turbo is staying on !!!

Once again our car is unchallenged throughout the season and retains the title of the UK's fastest Subaru for the 6th year in a row.

Unbeaten again in 2008

2008 season sees a change of spec, bodywork is widened out to 22b spec plus a further 2" !Wheels are 10x17" and running 275/40-17" tyres to fill the fat arches. A fresh new paint scheme completes the look.

The car this year has been returned to a more circuit biased spec whilst retaining full road legality, this has added a bit more weight with Ohlins suspension, heavy ARB's and big brakes, we still however managed to repeat our record breaking 9.1 second 1/4 mile run at Santa Pod whilst in circuit race trim.

2008 draws to a close and our car remains unbeaten on top speed (210.2 mph) and 1/4 mile records for a UK Subaru.

2010 - Time for a change

The world record setting race car is sold to go race in Poland and a build begins on the replacement.

This one is a bit different and in true AFP tradition of leading where others follow it will be the first of its kind in the UK. The engine will be a 6 cylinder version of the previous 2.35, (from the Subaru SVX) making it a 3.6 litre All packaged neatly into a very standard looking 95RA ;)

The car made its debut at Scoobyshootout but the 3 inches of rain lying on the track spoiled any chance of a decent result.

3.6 Litres and Twin Turbos

Flat 6
2011 and the new 3.6 race car has undergone a few changes over the winter, it now runs with twin GT30 hybrid turbos, 2000cc injectors and twin side exit exhausts. Still road legal and targetting 1000bhp and 1000kg.

TOTB 10 and we win the fastest 1/4 mile of the event at 9.22@159mph and run 191mph on the standing kilometer. Finishing 3rd overall on the event due to the handling times suffering as a result of not having the correct gearbox for the very short track. (box was ordered but delayed).

Having been in the tuning industry for over 20 years we consider our experience counts.

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