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Boost Controllers

Although both the APEXI ECU and the EcuTeK remapped ECUs are capable of excellent boost control. The APEXI AVC-R adds a new dimension to the flexibility. Three boost settings are selectable by the driver and the aggressiveness of the boost control can be adjusted in each gear.

The AVC-R is a digital boost controller that allow the user to modify the boost pressure level on turbocharged vehicles. While there are many boost controllers on the market, non of the others include as many features as the AVC-R, period. Despite all of the complex features included the unit, the AVC-R is flexible enough to be used by beginners. Entry level users need only to input a desired boost level and the AVC-R's trademark self learning CPU processor done the rest.

The AVC-R also uses highly durable, fast action solenoid valve to physically control the boost. The valve movement(Boost Duty Cycle) can also be modified. Raising the duty cycle increases boost response, while lowering the duty cycle will delay boost response. This feature allows boost response adjustment for varying turbo sizes. Since larger turbos take longer to spool up(bad low-end response) the duty cycle should be raised under lower RPM's for better response. The opposite should be done for smaller turbo's (excellent low-mid range response, but limited top end power). A'PEX engineers address this issue by including extra menus for RPM based boost control. Drag racers may want to utilize the Gear based boost control function. Aside from the basic functions above, the AVC-R also has a Start Duty Setting(Allows the boost to momentarily overshoot according to gear).

The AVC-R also includes a Scramble Boost function which allows the user to momentarily raise or lower the boost level at the push of a button. Raising the boost level is commonly used when an extra burst of power is needed* This feature can also be used in drag racing. The driver can set the main boost level to a low setting for maximum traction then, once full traction is achieved, the scramble boost can allow the vehicle to boost full power.

*This feature should only be used within the limits of the engine capacity.

Full installation service and custom mapping with 2 selectable high/low boost maps plus a default minimum boost settingĀ is also available.

This unit can run as a standalone boost controller with either the original or any aftermarket ECU.

Suits all model years from 01-18 UK and Import.

*PLEASE NOTE - We do not supply or fit any parts here, this section is for information only.