About Us

It's more than just a job!

It's an obsession!

You are not paying extra for polished tiled floors and a glitsy reception area here !
Just a clean, tidy and effective workshop, premises are fully owned not rented, overheads are kept to a minimum in order to offer the best possible value for money.

When selecting your Tuner, check out their background and training, if its appropriate to the job, they will be more than willing to tell you so.

As a degree level qualified electro/mechanical engineer, allied to 25 years race car engine building and tuning, plus 12 years Subaru specific ECU mapping, I think the correct boxes are ticked here ;-) Beware of the 'new school mappers' popping up who will be well versed on computers but may lack the fundamental engineering knowledge upon which high performance tuning is based.

All ECU work here is carried out by myself, I don't believe anyone should be paying premium rates for unqualified or unskilled labour working on their car or components ! If you phone, you speak to me, not someone who doesn't have a clue what you are talking about!

I don't experiment on your car, or compile my tuned base maps at your cars expense like some of the new guys. This can be an arduous task for the engine therefore these are all done at base level on a rolling road for each model of car long before tuning a customers car. This allows me to spend time optimising the tuned map I use for your car to ensure you achieve the best possible result. This refers to smoothness, economy, driveability, turbo response, torque and most importantly, the maximum safe level of power which I have determined by years of experience.

If you can't get me on the phone, it's usually because I'm out mapping a car and for obvious reasons, don't pick up.

Email can be the most effective communication method but please keep them short and to the point as with in the region of 20-30 emails per day, very long ones tend to drop to the bottom of the list !

We are the UK's No1 Subaru Ecutek mapper, this is not the common self assessment thats often claimed without foundation, this is direct from Ecutek Ltd.

Throughout most of the year I am booked up 3 to 4 weeks ahead with Subaru (and only Subaru) ECU mapping work, thats full time 5 days per week mapping only Subarus, this is not a part time hobby or an 'add-on' to a mechanics workshop.

I believe you can only really be a master of one trade !